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I am a Research Fellow at Computer Systems Lab and a Lecturer at the Faculty Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Fields of my professional occupation are research in computer science and software development (C++/Perl). Currently that takes a form of R&D Project Management in a field of Verification and Information Security for Embedded Systems. In 2008 I have earned a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science ("Scaling-down of discrete-event simulation models"). I hold a "Model Checking" course at CMC MSU for 4th year students.

Areas of research interest

My research concentrates on crossroads of the following fields.

Parallelism theory

Computer Simulation

Software analysis and transformation

Software verification

Computer security

Automatic financial analysis

My students

5-6th term: 7-8th term: Master thesis:

Past student works


Some of R&D projects are under NDA, only public research listed below:

  1. Savenkov, K.O., and Telegin, G.S., Efficient and Safe Algorithm for Moving Along a Given Route in City Traffic // In Proceedings of World Automotive Congress (FISITA-2010), Hungary, June 2010.
  2. Savenkov, K.O., and Zhbankov, D.Yu., Scenario-Based Approach to Backtesting Trading Systems // In Proceedings of World Finance Conference (WFC-2010), Portugal, May-June 2010.
  3. Chemeritskiy, E.V., Savenkov, K.O., Formalization and Enforcement of Requirements to Modular Discrete-Event Simulation Runtime // In Proceedings of SYRCoSE-2010, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, June 2010 (forthcoming).
  4. Savenkov, K.O., and Chemeritskiy E.V., Discrete-Event Simulation Runtime: From Genericity to Extendability and Reuse // In Proceeding of Intl. Conf. Simulation-2010", Kiev, Ukraine, May 2010, pp. 107-115.
  5. Savenkov K.O., Youschenko N.V. Specifying Processor Architecture for Estimation of Program Execution Time // In Proceedings of the 1st "Methods and Tools of Information Processing" Conference, Moscow, October 2003, pp. 486-491, 2003. [In Russian]
  6. Savenkov K.O. Scaling-down simulation models using program dependences // In Proceedings of the 2nd "Methods and Tools of Information Processing", Moscow, October 2005, pp. 486-491, 2005. - .428-434. [In Russian]
  7. Savenkov, K. O. and Smeliansky, R. L. 2006. Scaling down discrete-event simulation models. Program. Comput. Softw. 32, 6 (Dec. 2006), 308-316. DOI= [In English] [In Russian]
  8. Savenkov K.O. Scaling down discrete-event simulation models. // Ph.D. Thesis (Computer Science), CMC MSU, October 2007. [ Autoabstract [In Russian]][Full Text [In Russian]]

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